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Pakistan cement sales up 11% in August

 Cement sales in Pakistan rose 10.9 per cent YoY in August 2017 to 3.766Mt from 3.585Mt in August 2016. 

In the northern region, dispatches reached 2.731Mt, up from 2.495Mt in August 2016, while in the southern region dispatches rose from 0.532Mt to 0.625Mt during the same period. 

Some 307,000t of cement was exported from the north, significantly less than 355,000t reported in August 2016. Exports from the south slipped from 203,000t to 103,000t. 

Capacity utilisation in August surpassed the 96 per cent mark, according to the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers’ Association. 

In the first two months of this financial year, Pakistani cement plants delivered 7.148Mt, up 21 per cent YoY. Domestic consumption improved 28 per cent YoY, exports declined 13 per cent YoY. 

Cement demand in the north increased by 28.5 per cent in the north and by 25.4 per cent in the south in July-August 2017. Exports in the north and south declined by 2.5 and 25.4 per cent, respectively during this period.

Date: 2017-09-21