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Five killed in accidental explosion at Rohri Cement plant

 Initial report suggests that five people, including security personnel, were killed and eight others were injured in a blast while defusing explosives at a cement factory in Sukkur in Sindh province of Pakistan on Tuesday. 

The management of Rohri Cement (Pvt) Ltd in a public announcement, on 21 September, 
expressed profound sorrow about the deaths of "martyred, valiant Rangers – as well as the officers and the workers of Rohri Cement plant, due to accidental explosion occurred on 19 September 2017, during the defusing of the old expired stock of explosive material, meant for mining purposes." 

Rohri Cement is not currently in operation, as the 5000tpd cement plant is awaiting equipment imports  from China. It is hoped the installation will be completed by the end of this year.

Date: 2017-10-02